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November 2013

On the Urgency of a Praying Church

In general we must hold that whenever any religious controversy arises, which either a council or ecclesiastical tribunal behoves to decide; whenever a minister is to be chosen; whenever, in short any matter of difficulty […]

The Tragedy of Prayerless Christians

Look above, Christian Brothers and Sisters, and let us weep. Oh God, You have given us a mighty weapon, and we have permitted it to rust! You have given us that which is mighty as […]

Doctrine Without Fruit is Useless

Doctrine, my Brethren, is to be prized above all price! Woe to the Church of God when error shall be thought a trifle, or Truth is lightly esteemed. When the Truth of God is gone, […]

The Hopeless Case Has More Hope of Answer

You see, the more you can prove that the sinner’s case is hopeless and bad, you have only proved that the sinner has the more reason for prayer. If I am the furthest from hope, why, […]