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Godly Leaders are Careful Leaders

My sister-in-law and her husband, a pastor, recently purchased an old home in an urban neighborhood where they are planting a church. Their house is old but their children are young. It is important for their health and their parents’ sanity) that the kids get all the sleep they need. For this reason the early-rising young pastor has learned where all the squeaky boards are in their creaky hallway. Recently we got a kick out of hearing (and watching) his wife describe how he walks down the hallway every morning. Contorting his body like a skilled oriental dancer, he snakes a path down the hall to keep from stepping on any board that would squawk and disturb his children. Of course, he has a right to walk anywhere he wants in the hallway, but he adjusts his steps according to the needs of those who are in his care.

True leaders in Christ’s church similarly adjust their steps, though they have full liberty to walk wherever they want within the bounds of Scripture, for the sake of those who are in their spiritual care.
Bryan Chapell
To Guard the deposit