Are You Covered By the Blood of Christ?

Are You Covered By the Blood of Christ?

And do you see, my Hearers, a glorious parallel? They had to sprinkle the blood and also to eat the lamb. Ah, my Soul, have you ever had the blood sprinkled on you? Can you say that Jesus Christ is yours? It is not enough to say, “He loved the world and gave His Son,” you must say, “He loved me and gave Himself for me.” There is another hour coming, dear Friends, when we shall all stand before God’s bar. And then God will say, “Angel of Death, you once did smite Egypt’s first-born. You know your prey. Unsheathe your sword.” I behold the great gathering. You and I are standing among them. It is a solemn moment. All men stand in suspense. There is neither hum nor murmur. The very stars cease to shine lest the light should disturb the air by its motion! All is still. God says, “Have you sealed those that are Mine?” “I have,” says Gabriel, “they are sealed by blood, every one of them.” Then He next says, “Sweep with your sword of slaughter! Sweep the Earth! And send the unclothed, the unpurchased, the unwashed ones to the pit of Hell.” Oh, how shall we feel, Beloved, when for a moment we see that angel flap his wings? He is just about to fly. “But,” will the doubt cross our minds, “perhaps he will come to me”? Oh, no! We shall stand and look the angel full in his face—

“Bold shall I stand in that great day!
For who anything to my charge shall lay?
While through Your blood absolved
I am From sin’s tremendous curse and shame.”

If we have the blood on us, we shall see the angel coming and we shall smile at him. We shall dare to come even to God’s face and say—

“Great God! I’m clean! Through Jesus’ blood, I’m clean!”

Charles Spurgeon
“Christ Our Passover”

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